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About Us

Enovatank was founded in 1999 a Lolake Venture Corp Company. We’re located in Huntington Beach CA. All of us are successful business people, most with advanced degrees in applied sciences and/or business. We take full advantage of strong academic and financial backing. Our geographic target area is US West Coast.
It’s a learning environment, and what we discover among our hatchlings keeps us humble.

We are the Foundation for Innovation!

Acceptance Criteria

Experienced Team

The project company's entrepreneurs and management are committed and motivated and have extensive know-how and experience in the project's field of activity.

Strong Market Potential

The proposed technology can serve as the basis for a product with broad commercial application that addresses a large and growing market. A strong market need, interest, and the added value of the technology should be clearly demonstrated.

Novel Technology

tangible, innovative, and inventive. Do you have new and proprietary intellectual property?